The hurdles ahead

One of the most brilliant aspects of human endeavour is the zeal to start-up anything at all. Be it hatred, love, peace, war, liberty, business, and all what it could be. At such start-up stage, our sense of achievement are usually complete and imaginatively, the goals has been reached. Starting out is usually the celebration of inner victory.

But does that victory last?

In the history of man, many things has been started, just like this campaign [Justice for Gay Africans (JfGA) Society] to join the voices that has been demanding for the freedom and rights of LGBTI people and especially for the repeal of laws that criminalize this group of people in various countries of the world. JfGA could be seen as just the analogy above.

But this will not be so. JfGA’s dream is to leave an enduring legacy. One that will be looked back upon and be relished with great satisfaction. However, there is a strong belief that we can achieve our aims, though not in a short [short means years of course] while, but in the long run. And this is the only time we hope that putting down our arms and sheathing our sword will be appropriate.

Before this time, there is a lot of obstacle on the way, especially on the fight we are embarking on. It is these obstacles that will make or mar us. But we are determined to jump and conquer them all. They obstacles starts right from among us the fighters and include but not limited to the following;

Ø  The lack of personal confidence among gay men in general

Ø  The internal stigma and in-fighting

Ø  The myth that homosexuality is a Western culture/disease

Ø  The dictatorial and imposing indoctrination by religions; and

Ø  The misleading of the young generation

The above and many others, which fall under them, can be linked or are directly an off-shoot of these identified issues will be the real war to fight to reaching our goal. As the saying goes, charity begins at home. And in that, it is only when we have dealt with our own lack of confidence and do away with self-demonization that we will begin to head on afield to challenge the homophobia that seem incomprehensible.

But one thing is sure; when you overcome your won evil, the evil outside is easy to deal with. It is time we begin to stand up to be counted, be proud and confident in who we are.