Join to Save Ebrahim Hamidi from hanging

For help with writing to your MP, you can download a generic letter here.

As you may (or not) know, a young Iranian boy of 18 years is facing a death by hanging for being accused of sexual assault by a fellow man. Ebrahim Hamidi’s fate hang in the scale as I write this. Although the Supreme Court of Iran has ordered a re-examination of his case twice, the regional branch still holds on and very keen to hang him.

Regardless of his accuser confessing to lying and withdrawing his accusation, it is clear now that homophobia is the key issue in this case.

We join all other good citizens of the world to call on the Iranian government to halt this evil.

Ebrahim could be hanged any time without notice. His solicitor has gone into hiding due to harrasment and threats from the local authority. It is the same solicitor who brought the case of Sakineh Ashtiani to the attention of the world recently; you will agree with me that the authorities are not finding his zeal for fairness and justice a joke.

Please join in this fight to save the life of a young man for his right-to-life. No man should take life because man does not give life.

How you can help

Please write to your local political representative(MP, Senator, Governor, Councillor, State Senators, Local Chief, MEP, Assembly member, etc) asking them to make a representation to the government in your country to request the government of Iran to stop this capital punishment. Also you can write to the Iranian Ambassador in your country to express your concern.

For help with writing, you can download a generic letter here

Residence of UK can use this website to write to their MP or other political rep. please follow the instruction on that website.


2 thoughts on “Join to Save Ebrahim Hamidi from hanging

  1. For anyone unable to read French, here is a translation of the article that appeared in the French newspaper Le Monde (August 31, 2010) by the notable French writers Philippe Besson and Gilles Leroy concerning Ebrahim’s plight.

    Condemned for being gay in Iran
    Ebrahim Hamidi is 18 years old and is going to be hanged

    After Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, Iran continues to plough its furrow by sentencing to hang a young man suspected of homosexuality. Ebrahim Hamidi is eighteen and is going to die. In his country, Iran, he has been found guilty of an abominable crime, a crime punishable by hanging. Ebrahim Hamidi is alleged to be homosexual. And so he must die. Because, if Tehran’s judges are not slow in dedicating to death by stoning a woman accused of adultery, so too they hand over to the executioner a man suspected of sleeping in the same bed as his fellow man.

    This way of thinking in itself, so in conflict with the idea of humanity, would be enough to horrify us and leaves us imagining the terror in which Iranian homosexuals live, obliged to be silent, to lie, to deny their identity.

    The charges are said to have been fabricated following a mundane quarrel; the accusations made up by three fellow detainees in return for their freedom; Ebrahim’s confession extracted under torture. During his trial, the accused did not have the right to any form of legal representation. As for the verdict, it was pronounced by a magistrate who relied on “judge’s knowledge”, a procedure that allows for subjective judicial rulings when no formal proof exists.

    In a spectacular new development during the month of July, the alleged “victim” admitted that he fasley accused Ebrahim Hamidi following pressure from his paretns. One might have thought that this retraction would have led to the quashing of the sentence. Not at all. Ebrahim Hamidi is still guilty, of a “crime” that he has not committed. And is he homosxual or not? It makes no difference. He has to die.

    He has to die so that all the “real homosexuals” continue to hide themselves and suffer terror in silence. He has to die so that we understand that Iranian justice is incapable of making a mistake. And he is going to die, if we do not rally on his behalf. If we do not waken people’s consciences. If we do not cry high and loud and everywhere that this conviction is intolerable and that it must be overturned.

    • thank you so much for this awesome input. It consoles that so many people are joining their voices to plead for sense and justice for Ebrahim. I pray he gets that justice and his life is saved.

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