Welcome Brief – Strategic Planning Meeting

A welcome brief by Godwyns Onwuchekwa on the first Strategic Planning meeting of Justice for Gay Africans Society.

Justice for Gay Africans Society

Strategic Planning Meeting

Welcome brief

Thank you for agreeing to participate in today’s meeting. As detailed in the invitation (email) you received, our objective today will be to come up with the scope of how this group will operate and go about achieving its aims (see below).

Before we go on, I would remind us again the reason and focus of this group.

I started Justice for Gay Africans Society as a result of a desire that runs in almost every gay black person I have come across: and that desire is for us to be recognised for who we are, respected and counted as equal members of the society. But for us, it is not just the Society in this case that matters, it goes beyond that. It includes family, community, institutions – both private and public, civil society, etc. The gay black person is still, to a large extent, a myth even in the eyes of people of other races; anyway, we are non-existent within our own race. But it has not always been so.

The above myths, like a riddle, are what JfGA is poised to explain, solve, challenge, and revert. Sounds too ambitious? But the passion that spurs me to work hard these past 10 months is the belief in the saying that ‘there is no harm in trying’ and that if you try hard enough, you will always get somewhere.

And so friends, below is the somewhere black and African gay people want to get to;

  • Protection for LGBTI people and access to basic needs.
  • Highlight the plights of LGBTI people in homophobic countries; and
  • Repeal of homophobic and discriminatory laws.

But the greatest achievement would be to leave a legacy, a platform that will serve as a collective voice, not just for our present but for future generations. A legacy that will inspire and spur them to challenge oppression, hatred, stigma, discrimination, harassment, etc.

I hope that your passion to see justice done will continue to be alive and active as we embark on this journey left to us by those who have come before. Their efforts are worthy of praise.

And with this, I invite you to become owners of this project because together, we are stronger.

Godwyns Onwuchekwa