Letter to UK Prime Minister & Party leaders on the Pope’s Visit


Acting Leader of the Opposition,

Rt. Hon. Harriet Harman, MP

House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA

Dear Ms. Herman,

Stand up for British people; Stand up for Equality and Justice

As the Pope arrives UK on what is unfortunately termed a ‘State visit’, it is to our understanding that you will be meeting him at some point in accordance with this occasion. This therefore presents a very strategic and useful opportunity for the British government to address many issues of concern with the Pope.

The Pope, Benedict XVI, as a leader of the world’s largest religious denomination, has enormous authority within his jurisdiction with access to the ears of millions of Catholic faithful . However, we fear that the Pope has simply been using this very power in the wrongly by;

Inciting hatred,

Encouraging ignorance,

Upholding inequality and

Colluding with abusers.

Justice for Gay Africans [JfGA] Society acknowledges that the Pope has his right to believe in what he wishes, but we strongly disagree in him circulating those opinion as an enforced church law through unguarded and unfounded statements that break community cohesions and undermine pure and true love.

The Pope’s view on homosexuality – a sexual orientation that is natural and not a choice – is completely against fairness and tolerance for our differences. So also is his view on protecting paedophile priests and bishops in the Catholic Church who have abused innocent and unsuspecting young people entrusted in their care.

The actions of these paedophile clergy men are not just an abuse of these young people’s decency and dignity, it is a betrayal of trust; it is a deceit for the communities who once looked upon them as role models and confidantes.

The Pope has not stopped at the above offences, but he has directly and continuously snubbed Britain’s sovereignty. In February 2010, the Pope attacked this country’s equality bill (later passed into law), describing it as ‘violating natural law’ and subtly encouraged hatred by asking Catholic bishops and clergy in England and Wales to fight the bill with “missionary zeal”. Is missionary zeal not equivalent to Jihad?

The above and many other instances where the Pope has made blanket statements of insult and hatred which encourage violence and disunity amongst communities are a cause for concern. It therefore beggars belief that the same man is not just welcomed but invited to a ‘State’ visit.

Justice for Gay Africans [JfGA] Society therefore calls on your great office to bring up these issues of concern at your meeting with the Pope. JfGA requests that you put it directly to the Pope that his views and beliefs as explained above are causing broken communities, disunity amongst ordinary people and hatred in the general society. And that Britain does not accept it.

Not only do these views damage communities in Britain, but across the world. Tensions have risen in places like Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon and in many other developing world where violence against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered & Intersex (LGBTI) has become steadily rife in the past few years.

Earlier this year, we saw the ordeal of two young men in Malawi who spent 6 months in jail persecuted and prosecuted for being gay. In Nigeria, attacks on gay men and women has intensified and in Mexico, communities are fighting against each other since the legislation of same-sex marriage a few months ago and these fights are the result of ‘missionary zeal’.

When you meet the Pope honourable Madam, please uphold what you believe in and have worked for all these years. Failure to bring up these particular cases would be a betrayal of British people and the British culture of equality, fairness, liberty and human dignity. It will be a disappointment for the many in developing world who look upon this country in the matters of human dignity and liberty.

Above all, it will be a disappointment for the LGBTI community of this country; but most importantly, for LGBTI people in developing countries like Uganda and Cameroon. It will be a denial of the negative impact and debilitating effect of the sufferings of many victims of child abuse who look upon their government for justice. Britain can never fail on these very important issues. You too must not.

As the Acting Leader of the Opposition at this very momentous time, you are in the position to uphold the very British qualities that you have promised to press forward every time, everywhere. You must remember that the whole world is watching and most importantly, the oppressed people of the world is watching and hoping. Don’t neglect Us.

Yours Sincerely,