What Should We Do?

Many Africans and Caribbeans are still facing disbelief and distrust that they are gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender. The system these days by the United Kingdom Boarder Agency (UKBA), the body charged with immigration matters in the UK, is that they don’t tell this people that they are not gay but that they are not likely to face discrimination, nor homophobic attack, even death in their countries.

Isnt this denial by the government agency a blatant ignorance of reality when countries like Malawi, Nigeria and Jamaica, amongst others still have existing laws prescribing years in imprisonment for homosexual people and any attempt to engage in what is termed ‘against the order of nature’?

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What is worst is that in the past, the government used to argue that these laws are never used, but recently, we saw Malawi use it on 2 young men who, if not for worldwide intervention, would be rotting away in jail today. At the end, refugee status is being offered on a platter of gold to them now. Does the governments in developed countries want us all to be put on the gallows first before they can intervene. Such may be a waste of tears.

The truth is that many young men and women has been killed silently due to their sexuality and many are still going through that. Many are living in fear, losing their jobs, facing blackmail, and even being denied education and healthcare; just because they are gay.

Immanuel from Gambia was deported from the Netherlands last year and today, nobody knows his whereabouts? The likelihood that he is dead is high because having fled his country initially and sought asylum as a gay person, he was known to be a homosexual… if Immanuel is alive, it is unlikely that he will not be in touch with people in Europe whom he knows cares for and fights for his cause in Europe. But no one has been able to reach him all this while.

We need a collective action to ask the government of United Kingdom and all other developed countries to stop and think. We need to devise a way to bring governments across the world who has the wherewithal to save these people to act and not wait.

In Australia, Jay from Sri Lanka, a 22 year old man is locked up in prison because he is gay. In Nigeria, Peter, a young Nigerian Soldier is locked up in the Army detention for nearly 2 years now centre because he is suspected to be gay. 18 other young men between the ages of 18 and 13 are attending courts periodically charged with homosexuality and are simply being frustrated through this action.

In the UK, countless young men and women are locked up in immigration detention centres across the country and every day one more is being forcefully removed. But we need to turn this around. It cannot go on like.

We are rejected but must not reject ourselves. We would not watch and die in silence when there are places we can run to for life and safety. Why should we die before we live? Is that possible?

JfGA is asking for your suggestions, input, advice on what we can do to stop world governments who can help to rethink their position. Please click on our contact page to send your comment.

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