Same sex case opens in Botswana challenging criminal law against…

On April 15th, the case challenging the criminal code law against same sex acts opens in Botswana.

The litigation case of LEGABIBO (Caine Youngman) will start at 930am. It will be a case management session:called a STATUS HEARING. It is when both lawyers (applicants’ & defedants’) together with the judge will review the papers and the rules applicable to see if all is in order. Once that is done the the real case will begin. It will be on that day that the judge will give guidance/direction to the case.

This case would be a landmark and the outcome would either mar or make us. So it will be worth keeping an eye on and hoping for the best. However, that it is taking place – if not thrown out on the first day – is a huge step and even an achievement.

So keep the faith up and share info if you get any.