Obituary: David Cairns MP; our staunch supporter passes away

David Cairns was our staunch supporter...
David Cairns MP supported JfGA and our heart is broken

The death of David Cairns is a huge loss to us. Mr. Cairns pledged his personal support for JfGA and promised to be there and go the extra miles with us. He was a wonderful supporter of equality and an avid believer in kindness, peace and freedom. JfGA has lost a staunch pillar.

Earlier last year, it was David who took the bull by the horns and delivered a moving speech in UK Parliament on violence, criminalization, and attack of LGBT people in African and Caribbean countries. David’s speech was not only informative, it inspired so many MPs to pledge to support for the fight for freedom and moved a lot of them to support and sign the Early Day Motion in regard to the current Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill that is making a come back at this moment.

David will be remembered fondly for all his dedication and passion. But far more, for the fact that he cannot be replaced by any other; we will miss him dearly.

We remember his family, partner and all loved ones and pray for them the fortitude to bear such a great loss.