Where is the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill?

As we continue complacent, I wonder if we ever remember that the fight against the devilish Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda proposed by David Bahati MP is not yet won. In fact, ‘winning’ is a far cry to where we are at the moment.

My biggest worry therefore is what would happen next.

At the last time the monster reared its head and roared, it nearly bit off our heads. We all fought hard, through petitions, lobbying, letters, protests, campaigns, and even the guys on the ground in Uganda attended parliament. Yet, with all that, what we were able to obtain was to calm the monster. We, unfortunately did not kill it. That leaves the Bill potent.

That makes me wonder; isn’t the monster still alive and hale and hearty? It is indeed. And in its time of incubation, would it come back much stronger or weaker? If all the ammunition we unleashed the last time did little to send it to its grave, what more do we have up our sleeves?

It is time to think and re-arm. We should not sit complacent and idle as we seem to be doing? We must not be allowed to be taken unawares again. We have to intensify the lobbying, the campaigns, the protests. We cannot afford to be threatened by this awful weapon from the homophobes. The tactics they are applying is clear; pretend they have listened and then waive it again to blew us off our feet.

At our last meeting with the Commonwealth Human Rights Unit on July 22 2011, Justice for Gay Africans raised this issue and bid them to keep the discussion on-going with the Ugandan Authorities. If they know we have not forgotten, it would be difficult for them to use it as a threat. We are now going to write to various stakeholders to ask what they are doing about this Bill.

As long as that Bill remains in the Ugandan Parliament, let’s face it, it still has the potential of a bounce-back… and one that could be devastating at any time. So, like Jesus bid his disciple: we should “watch and pray”.

Please let us know what you think and how we can fight harder. Let us start pulling and pooling resources together and strike before we are struck or even stricken.

Justice for Gay Africans


2 thoughts on “Where is the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill?

  1. It would be good to see if South Africa’s government might be more amenable to coming out against it now that they have shifted at the UN. Criticism from other African countries might have more weight that even sanctions threats, eg aid cuts.

    • that is a truth. It is an avenue we are pursuing now… But I am, as usual, pessimistic owing to the regard countries like Uganda and Nigeria already hold SA in… due to their inclusive law on LGBT. But its worth a try and we are going to pursue it.

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